Gas from landfill powers MCLB

Gas from landfill powers MCLB
(Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A renewable energy source feeding one of Albany's largest employers is poised for expansion.

The Dougherty County landfill produces enough methane gas from decomposing trash to fuel a 1.9 megawatt generator at the nearby Marine Corps Logistics Base.

For five years, the gas, sucked up by vertical wells and pumped to a compressor, has been piped three miles to MCLB.

The effort provides 20% of the base's energy, according to Scott Addison, the Solid Waste Director for Dougherty County, and reduces energy costs by an estimated 50% annually.

Addison said, "It's a great project. And for us, it is a voluntary project. Before we were just flaring off gas, and now we are getting some revenue for it, and having a green project that is great for the environment."

The county landfill collects about $150,000 a year from the base for the renewable energy.

The landfill hopes to drill more wells to provide the energy needed for a second generator Addison said the base plans to add later this year.

The joint project has garnered ten major awards and is the first of its kind to be operational within any Department of Navy base.

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