Editorial: Opportunity School District good plan for schools

Editorial: Opportunity School District good plan for schools

When Georgia voters head to the polls this November, they will be making a big decision on their children's education.

Amendment 1 is written short and simple, but its impact will be significant.

The Opportunity School District, or OSD, is a proposed constitutional amendment which would allow the state to take over under-performing schools.

These are schools that have scored 60 or below on the state's college and career readiness index for three consecutive years.

However, not all schools that failed would be taken over.

Only 20 schools could be covered by the OSD in a year, and only 100 at one time.

We think this is a good plan.

If a school is consistently under-performing, shouldn't someone do something about it? Shouldn't someone outside the system be able to have a better view looking in?

The amendment has its downsides, like potentially eliminating good teachers, who are simply stuck in a bad district, and possibly limiting parent feedback at the local level.

We do hope the idea of simply having an OSD, could force state educators and administrators to take a closer look at their own performance before interference would even have to take place.

Besides, good teachers and good schools hitting the high marks, shouldn't have to worry about the amendment anyway.

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