New Meigs mayor sworn in

New Meigs mayor sworn in

MEIGS, GA - Officials in Thomas County have sworn in a new mayor for the town of Meigs.

Cheryl Walters was sworn in around 11:45 Wednesday morning.

According to Frank Scoggins with Thomas County Elections Office, he contacted a probate court judge in Thomas County who has done elections for more than 30 years.

The judge said because it's a special election and the time period for a write in candidate has expired, Walters can be sworn in whenever.

This comes five months after previous mayor Linda Harris was recalled in May.

Walters said she's excited for the new position but with it comes a lot of work.

"We're all going to put our noses to the grindstone and work to have a good city. I know that there are so many problems that so many people have and we're going to have to take it just as the saying goes, one day at a time," said Walters

Walters compared the city as of now to a spinning top - one that needs to slow down.

Her goal is to make sure the city government there is transparent in everything they do.

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