Grandpa goes big and buys granddaughter a 93" teddy bear

Grandpa goes big and buys granddaughter a 93" teddy bear

(WALB) - A grandpa's love knows no bounds. Including getting his 5-month-old grandchild the biggest teddy bear you could imagine.

The bear in question? The Costco Bear, a 93" mammoth of a toy.

Sabrina Gonzalez is a new mom, with a dad who has a heart the size of, well, of the bear he bought for his granddaughter Madeline Jane.

Gonzalez said it all started when she saw a photo of her dad, who works at Costco, posing in front of a shipment of the bears.

She told Buzzfeed that she commented on the photo that Maddie needed one, and apparently Grandpa didn't pick up that she was kidding.

"Next thing I know, I receive a text from him saying he bought her one," she said.

Gonzalez tweeted the photos of the bear and her daughter, and Twitter went nuts, including brands like Snuggle.

Gonzalez even posted a video showing how happy Madeline gets every time she sees her big bear.

Gonzalez's original Tweet has been re-tweeted over 43K times.

You too, can have your very own Costco bear, but only if you have $289 and a way to get it home.

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