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Crisp Co. Sheriff's Office teaches firearm safety

People could learn about different types of guns (Source:WALB) People could learn about different types of guns (Source:WALB)
Around 25 people attended the class (Source:WALB) Around 25 people attended the class (Source:WALB)
Michael Fraser, Instructor (Source:WALB) Michael Fraser, Instructor (Source:WALB)
Brad Rigby, District Attorney (Source:WALB) Brad Rigby, District Attorney (Source:WALB)

The Crisp County Sheriff's Office is helping gun owners learn how to be safe and responsible with their weapons.

Instructors held a firearms familiarization class Tuesday night.

"A lot of times people buy weapons and they get home and they can't handle it," said instructor Michael Fraser. 

With weapons in hand, 25 gun owners in Crisp County learned how to handle their firearms, and the responsibilities that come with them.

"A lot of those in South Georgia have those firearms and use those firearms on a regular basis," explained District Attorney Brad Rigby. "For protection and whatever else, we want everyone to be as knowledgeable and informed as possible." 

Attendees received classroom instruction and hands-on experience in a simulator or the shooting range. 

The lessons focused on how to handle and fire a gun properly. 

Instructor Michael Fraser stressed things like level control and how to tell law enforcement you're carrying.

"In today's world, more people are buying guns," Fraser said. "They are going to have them, that's their right to have, but, if they are going to have them, we want them to be able to handle them safely and know what to do if they do use them to protect themselves."

Rigby said that knowing where you can and  cannot take a gun, and when you can use deadly force are also important aspects of carrying a weapon.  

"We always have the question about dragging someone inside your house. Shooting them outside and dragging them in," explained Rigby. "We'll certainly address those issues and when its appropriate to use deadly force and when it's not."

Regardless of the situation, the target is the same. Make sure those toting a gun, are fit to do so with both their mind and body. 

The Sheriff's Office holds the classes three to four times a year, and officials said that they always have a full house.  

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