Pelham School official clarifies 'lockdown' controversy

Pelham School official clarifies 'lockdown' controversy

PELHAM, GA (WALB) - Scary clowns caused some concern in Pelham Friday.

Students are safe after a brief soft-lockdown, while police investigated a suspicious post on Facebook.

Police said a child saw a Facebook post from a user with a clown as the picture.

The post read that someone was thinking about coming to Pelham today to chase people.

When the school system learned of the possible threat, they put the schools on a soft lockdown while police looked into it.

"At this time, there's not enough information to say that this was a threat.  At best, we can call it a hoax.  As far as involvement with any kind of a clown, the only thing about a clown was the profile picture of this person who said they were coming to Pelham to chase some people. It was a clown," said Capt. Rod Williams, Pelham Police.

Pelham police are trying to determine who created the post.

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