Lawn equipment dealers stress safety

Lawn equipment dealers stress safety
George Stewart, Lawn equipment dealer (Source:WALB)
George Stewart, Lawn equipment dealer (Source:WALB)

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Investigators believe lawn mower accidents happen too often.

They hope to remind everyone to think about safety when they're doing yard work.

"They've used the lawn mower so much they don't think they are dangerous. They are just a household thing. They aren't aware what can happen," said George Stewart, owner of Hoyt's Cycle Store in Thomasville

Lawn mower safety is crucial.  Lawn equipment dealers say safety can start with the click of seat belt.

Stewart and sells ride on and zero turn lawn mowers. He stresses that owners need to use the safety features these mowers have.

"Rollover protection. We have a roll bar.It will keep you from getting smashed. But most people don't put your seat belt on, if you don't, it's even worse," said Stewart.

Stewart said that if there is ever an accident on the mower, they do automatically cut off, if the seat is lifted up. "Your body weight comes off that seat it immediately cuts the motor off."

He said he just wants all his customers to be safe while using this equipment that weighs about 1,400 pounds.  "And we will not repair stuff that has the safety features removed. We fight with this everyday," said Stewart.

He also wanted to remind everyone to be careful about where you are mowing. This equipment will tip easily, so don't get too close to an drainage ditch or embankment.

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