Editorial: A new mission for Moody

Editorial: A new mission for Moody

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - For decades, Moody Air Force Base in Lowndes County has been a vital part of our nation's military defense arsenal.

It has also been a good neighbor, and an essential part of the South Georgia economy.

It supports numerous combat aircraft, and pilots. But soon, it may be home to some aircraft whose pilots sit in a control room, and fly the planes by a joystick.

Moody is now one of five finalists to become the home of the MQ-9 'Reaper,' which is a remotely piloted aircraft. This drone is used to eliminate targets, and gather intelligence.

The Air Force is looking for a base to house the wing's mission control and launch and recovery units.

If the Pentagon puts this unit at Moody, it would mean over 400 new jobs in the Lowndes County area.

With the future of Moody's A-10 Warthog combat aircraft in jeopardy, Georgia leaders are pushing to add missions for Moody, and we support this effort whole-heartedly.

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