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Pineview shooting victim searching for rehab facility

Bree Porter recovers in bed. Bree Porter recovers in bed.
Bree's family is supporting him (Source:WALB) Bree's family is supporting him (Source:WALB)
Bree Porter, shooting victim (Source:WALB) Bree Porter, shooting victim (Source:WALB)
Sam Porter, Dad (Source:WALB) Sam Porter, Dad (Source:WALB)
Deloise Porter, Mom (Source:WALB) Deloise Porter, Mom (Source:WALB)

A Wilcox County family remains hopeful despite a lot challenges for a shooting victim.

Bree Porter was gunned down in the tiny town of Pineview six months ago while he said he was trying to do a good deed.

The family said that Bree can't get the therapy he needs even though they've reached out to 10 to 12 rehabilitation centers in the region.

Bree now lays in bed surrounded by his biggest fans, his family.

They call themselves 'Team Bree,' and they've been by his side since he was shot in the face breaking up a fight at a park in Pineview last March.

"I was like 'what's up' and he started shooting," explained Bree. "So, I didn't have nothing to do with the fighting or whatever. I was just breaking it up"  

A bullet hit his spine leaving him paralyzed, and, now, he's doing what he can to recover, but while seeking a rehab facility, he keeps finding rejection.

The family said that around a dozen providers across Florida and Georgia have said he doesn't meet financial or insurance related requirements.

"So, when a person is trying to help another person and you get treated the way he's getting treated with the rehab facilities. Its mind boggling," said Bree's father Sam Porter. 

Through the hardship, Bree's family is sticking with him. They do what they can to help him rehab, even posting cards and a picture of when him and his dad started working out on his wall as encouragement. 

His mom said that she doesn't want people to think they shouldn't help out if they see someone in danger like Bree did.

"One of the doctors, when they asked him, if he had to do it again, would you? He said yeah because that's just the person he is," said Bree's mom, Deloise Porter.

So, his family is asking someone else out in the world to go out of their way to help Bree out, like he did the day he was shot.  

"I can't give up," said Bree. "I'll still stay positive because I'm keeping faith because, you know, God is able to do anything."

Another man was also shot in the park that day but was not seriously wounded.

Investigators charged Quinn Tisdol, 19, with two counts of aggravated assault.

He is awaiting trial.

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