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Brothers continue fight against Sabal Trail

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Two Mitchell County brothers who lost their eminent domain fight with a billion-dollar natural gas company, are still working to do what they can to stop the pipeline's construction in South Georgia.

Jeb Bell and his brother Bob, along with another person, made a small protest Monday morning, as they say they were notified directly by Sabal Trail that work to install pipelines adjacent to their private land will begin.

The brothers have fought and lost two cases to Sabal Trail. The first case was over giving up a piece of their land for the pipeline's construction. The second involved a trespassing accusation.

The Bell family claimed the company was illegally on their property surveying the land. They lost that case, too, and were told to pay nearly $50,000 in legal fees to Sabal Trail.

Just after sunrise today, the brothers held signs hoping to bring attention to the many problems they see with the pipeline's construction in South Georgia, including being granted the right to drill underneath the Flint River and other river systems.

"I understand that FERC has given them the right to go under the Chattahoochee and the Flint Rivers even when the state legislature voted 130-30 or something along those lines to not allow them an easement. The state legislators, appointed by the citizens, spoke," said Jeb Bell Land Owner.

The March vote was 128 to 34 rejecting a bill allowing Sabal Trail easements to drill pipelines below the states river-systems. The brothers are trying to raise money to help them pay the legal judgement.

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