Simmons' nine-position attempt cut short by rain

Simmons' nine-position attempt cut short by rain

MISSOULA, MT (WALB) - Former Berrien Rebel Kal Simmons had an idea for the rookie league Missoula Osprey's season finale: play all nine positions on the field in a single ballgame.

"Yesterday, I went to up to [manager Joe Mather] and asked, 'What are the chances I play all nine tomorrow?,'" Simmons told WALB Sports over the phone Thursday night.

Mather obliged, and Simmons prepared to make the rounds Thursday against the Great Falls Voyagers.

Unfortunately, rain cut the game short in the sixth inning as Simmons was playing his sixth position of the night. The Osprey won the rain-shortened affair 3-2.

"It's disappointing, but we got the win," Simmons says. "I'm sure I'll have another chance to do this. I had fun. But our focus tonight was to win, and the nine position thing was just icing on the cake.

The former Rebel and Kennesaw State star started the game at first base, and moved to second in the second inning. He went to third in the third inning, and played shortstop in the fourth. In the fifth, Simmons moved to left field, and finished his night in center field. He says the plan was to play right field in the 7th, catch in the 8th, and close out the night on the mound.

"It has just been one of my dreams to play all nine in a game," he says. "Not too many people can do that. Just having the opportunity to do it is something I've always wanted to do."

Simmons went 2-3 at the plate, including an RBI double in the 4th. But the story was his constant movement around the diamond. Even his teammates were excited to watch his attempt.

"They were just waiting for me to get on the mound and see how hard I could throw it," Simmons says.

Simmons was drafted as a shortstop out of Kennesaw State in the 2015 Draft, but was moved to catcher this spring. He says the transition is going well, especially after spending two months in the Dominican.

"Being down there made it a little bit easier for me," he says. "Our catching coordinator was just awesome. Mindset behind the plate, what I have to do in certain situations, it's really given me a positive attitude behind the plate."

Simmons says the goal next season is to play a full year at Low-A or High-A ball. As for the nine position goal, he says it's still an itch.

"If the opportunity arises, I can guarantee you I'll be asking the manager again," he laughs. "I almost made it one time. I have to make it all the way."

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