Moultrie braces for railroad track repairs

Moultrie braces for railroad track repairs
Roger Ruis (WALB image)
Roger Ruis (WALB image)
Angie Freeman (WALB image)
Angie Freeman (WALB image)
(WALB image)
(WALB image)

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - It's the beginning of a long process to improve deplorable conditions of abandoned railroad crossings.

The construction and road closures may be causing an inconvenience for some folks in Moultrie, but most of them tell me they're looking forward to the final product.

A little construction noise isn't bothering the ladies who work here at Hair N Comb Salon.

For the past few days, workers have been out in front of the salon, removing abandoned railroad tracks and making repairs.

"Oh it'll be well worth it in the end.  Well worth it, " said cosmetologist Angie Freeman. "It's pretty annoying, but it's alright. It's temporary. It's been a while. They don't do a lot of upkeep on them, especially now that they're not using them."

But now, after a couple years in the works, something is finally being done.

"Now that we have the funding, we're using SPLOST tax money to replace the crossings at 4th Avenue and 7th Avenue, the first two on the list," said City Engineer Roger Ruis.

The first two of nearly 15 railroad crossings that City Engineer Ruis says are in desperate need for repairs.

"Those railroad tracks have been awful for years, and years, and years. And people just come. And I'm so glad for them to be gone!" said Freeman.

During the process, Ruis said he's asking for patience from Moultrie residents.

Over the next several months, the city will work with Georgia and Florida Railway Inc. to repair and remove crossings in more than ten additional locations.

And with the end product in sight, Freeman said she's looking forward to the possibilities this construction may create.

"It'd be nice to have a walking trail, or nice something up through there. It'd be kind of cool!" said Freeman.

The locations affected are:

  • 1st Avenue NE
  • 2nd Avenue NE
  • 2nd Avenue SE
  • 4th Avenue SE
  • 5th Avenue SE
  • 6th Avenue SE
  • 7th Avenue SE
  • 9th Avenue SE
  • 12th Avenue SE
  • 15th Avenue SE
  • 26th Avenue SE
  • Hillcrest Avenue
  • Industrial Drive
  • County Farm Road
  • 6th Street NE

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