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Peanut regulation change will help farmers

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Don Koehler (WALB image) Don Koehler (WALB image)

A proposed change in the way some peanuts are categorized by the government may save growers some hardship.

Georgia Peanut Commission Executive Director Don Koehler says crops with fixable blemishes would not have to be sold at lower prices, as they have in the past.

If issues, like discoloration, are fixed, those nuts could be used in products outside of primarily peanut oil.

Koehler says the change will not affect food safety.  "We’re looking at something well less than a percent of the of the peanuts that are affected by this action, but, when a farmer has a problem, it really is something that he needed helped."

Koehler says the US Department of Agriculture still has to approve the Peanut Standards Board recommendation. The changes would not go into effect until 2017.

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