GSP: Many fatal accidents could be avoided

GSP: Many fatal accidents could be avoided
Trooper David Fretwell (WALB image)
Trooper David Fretwell (WALB image)
(WALB image)
(WALB image)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Sunday night, 65-year-old Elisha Jones died after his car struck a tree and burst into flames. 

Now there's a warning from troopers, who say many of these fatal accidents could have been avoided.

As the Labor Day holiday comes to an end, more drivers are hitting the roads on their way home from vacation.

We want everybody to make it home safe and enjoy their weekends," said Trooper David Fretwell. "We have had several DUI arrests over this weekend, just in our region."

But a fun holiday weekend can turn tragic in one second. Alcohol was believed to be a factor in this fatal crash in Baker County last night.

"All the family had been together that night, celebrating the holiday weekend.  Apparently he had left to go take someone home," said Fretwell.

Fretwell says 65-year-old Elisha Jones was driving south on Milford Church Road, when he came up on a curve and lost control. His car left the shoulder of the road, Jones then over corrected, traveled across the road, and struck a tree.

"The vehicle damage was very excessive.  And by looking at the marks on the roadway, it was evident that the driver was excessively speeding coming into the curve, and lost control of the vehicle."

Officials say Jones died on impact.  Trooper Fretwell says wrecks like this one happen far too often, especially on holiday weekends, and all can be avoided.

"I think they get something in their mind that, 'I'm good. I can make it home. I'm fine.' And that's really not the case at all."

With almost six hours left in the holiday weekend, Trooper Fretwell urges folks to find a designated driver if you plan on drinking, wear a seatbelt at all times, and focus on the road ahead-- avoiding distractions such as phones.

The Labor Day holiday officially ends tonight at midnight.
Troopers and other law enforcement officers will be out on the roads.. making sure drivers are alert, sober, buckled, and driving the speed limit.

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