Make an emergency preparedness kit before the storm hits

Make an emergency preparedness kit before the storm hits
Source WALB
Source WALB

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Public health is urging all South Georgians to put together an emergency supply kit now, before the storm hits tonight.

Experts say you should put the kit together now.

After the storm hits could be too late to get prepared, especially if it's dark.

Prepare in case you lose power for 72 hours.

Water,food, all necessary medications, flashlights, matches and candles and batteries.

Georgia Department of Public Health Southwest District Emergency Preparedness Director Julie Miller said "Make sure you have some bandages because inevitably someone is going to cut their hand or somebody is going to get a knick moving things around the household.  Especially if you are moving around in the dark."

Also remember your pets.

Be sure to have food for them.

Public health says having an emergency kit ready makes it easier to  evacuate your home.

Also make sure your car has gas and you have cash in case the power goes out.

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