Mitchell co. workers anticipate Hurricane Hermine's arrival

Mitchell co. workers anticipate Hurricane Hermine's arrival
Inmates fill sand bags. (Source: WALB)
Inmates fill sand bags. (Source: WALB)
Clark Harrell (Source: WALB)
Clark Harrell (Source: WALB)

MITCHELL CO., GA (WALB) - Folks in Mitchell county are staying on top of Hurricane Hermine.

Workers were out clearing storm drains Thursday, and county inmates filled sandbags.

County leaders said they believe they're more prepared than most.

Just a few weeks ago, folks in Camilla and Mitchell county experienced severe flooding, washed out roads, and storm damage following heavy rains.

The County Administrator said the county's experience with bad weather has prepared them for what's to come.

Mitchell county inmates worked all morning through the afternoon, filling up sand bags in preparation for Hurricane Hermine.

"People pay attention to the weather in Mitchell county.  And rightfully so," said Harrell.

He said this area in particular has seen its fair share of severe weather.

We've been through the '94 flood, the '98 flood, we've had the tornadoes of 2000, 2003, 2007," he added. "So just as a community, we're more aware of severe weather and people are paying attention, I believe."

Less than a month ago, Camilla had eight inches of rain, five inches in just one hour.

Roads were washed out, cars were stalled, even homes were flooded.

"That was really severe," said Harrell. "With this storm, we're not expecting that.  This is going to be a moving storm and we're anticipating between three and seven inches of rainfall."

But just in case, 1,200 sandbags are being filled.

The bags are available for Mitchell county residents at the Mitchell County Correctional Institute.

"All of our generators, we've done maintenance on those, made sure they have gasoline, and they're ready to operate," Harrell said.

Still, county workers are working to clear culvert pipes and clear ditches.

Harrell said, just as with any weather event, they're preparing for the unknown.

For Mitchell county residents who want to receive local severe weather alerts, you can sign up for the Code Red Weather Warning on

You can also download our first alert WALB Weather app.

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