VIDEO: Deputy recorded on school bus sparks concern

VIDEO: Deputy recorded on school bus sparks concern
Sheriff Rachals (WALB image)
Sheriff Rachals (WALB image)
Miranda Davenport (WALB image)
Miranda Davenport (WALB image)

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - A 20-second video recorded on a Lee County school bus is being shared on social media and causing some controversy.

The video shows moments after a sheriff's deputy boards a bus, after the school bus driver claimed the kids were disruptive.

But the deputy's response is what shocked one student's mother and is under investigation.

"You don't know a damn thing, do you?" said the deputy.

It's that question that shocked one 12-year-old student's mother, Miranda Davenport.

"When I heard the curse word, I was like, 'Wow!' It wasn't right.  Everybody knows it wasn't right," Davenport said.

According to the Lee County Sheriff, the school bus driver had pulled over on Lover's Lane Tuesday afternoon, after the kids' behavior was getting out of hand.

"The deputy rode by and saw the bus driver, apparently on the bus, pointing at the kids up and down the aisle," said Sheriff Reggie Rachals.

Sheriff Rachals said the deputy then asked the bus driver if she needed assistance, and she welcomed his help.

"Apparently there was a few of them being rowdy on the bus, and a couple of stink bombs went off. And that's a distraction. And the bus driver had stopped once," said Rachals.

The person recording the video only begins after the deputy began to reprimand the students.

The video shows the deputy speaking with one student in particular, and the exchange goes as follows:

"What's got more sense, you or a box of rocks?" - the deputy

"You don't ask a child that. That's insulting a child in front of all the people on the bus," said Davenport.

The deputy's actions are now under investigation.

"It's not a tolerated action that I'm going to tolerate from any officer acting that way, especially on a bus loaded with a bunch of kids," said Rachals.

But Rachals stresses that this video only shows 20 seconds of the entire ordeal.

He and his investigators are waiting to watch the entire surveillance video on the bus, to gather all the facts before determining the appropriate approach to take next.

"I just hope this doesn't happen anymore. To nobody's child. I don't want anybody's child to have to go through that, what happened yesterday," said Davenport.

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