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Having a baby is a one-of-a-kind experience, no matter how often a woman gives birth. Every baby is different... every pregnancy is different...

At OB-GYN Associates, we tailor obstetrical care to offer a full range of services with the least amount of fuss. Our goal is to provide quality care that surpasses your expectations.

A star is born
Everything revolves around mothers-to-be at OB-GYN's Obstetrics Care Center. Here you will find board-certified physicians backed by a wonderful team of skilled healthcare professionals committed to providing personalized, high-quality care.

Delivery to your specifications
Offering you choice is our number one goal. You may select any one of our physicians to be your Obstetrical Team Leader. Your physician will personally oversee your prenatal visits during the first and last trimester of your pregnancy. The second trimester affords you the opportunity to meet each physician. Rest assured, on your special delivery day, one of our board-certified obstetricians will be with you.

Another choice is provided through our Midwifery program. If you choose, the midwife will be your Obstetrical Team Leader. Like the physician, they would perform your prenatal examinations and deliver you on your special day.

We'll baby you
Prenatal education is another important goal. For this reason, our Certified Nurse Midwives will see you once during your prenatal visits providing an opportunity for an individual question/answer session.

You may also sign up for our group educational sessions. We will offer assistance with every aspect of your pregnancy. From insurance questions to medical emergencies, we're here for you.

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