Every stage of a woman's life is special, and every woman is a unique individual with special needs, strenghts, and concerns.

At OB-GYN Associates, a staff of uniquely qualified individuals have been chosen to help you through these changes. Our emphasis is on sensitive comprehensive care that is designed to guide you through all stages of life ... treatment that is available in time of crisis ... and vigilant attention aimed at preventing problems and keeping you healthy and happy.

An array of services targeted at prevention and early diagnosis have been developed. One example, our Weight and Wellness program gives you the basics of developing a healthy lifestyle through exercise and eating right, a critical part in any disease prevention process. Another example, The Dynamics of Menopause, is a counseling program designed to help you determine the best course of therapy, medicines and techniques to reduce the symptoms experienced during this time of your life.

Our physicians stress the importance of routine gynecological examinations and offer the convenience of on-site mammography. Each of these are keys to the early detection of cancer.

Another screening study, Dexa scan, is used to identify osteoporosis, a life-threatening disease which can be successfully treated with early intervention.

Whether your needs can be addressed through educational sessions with our nurse practitioners, physician assistants or certified nurse midwives ... or whether you require diagnostic or surgical intervention from our board certified physicians, OB-GYN Associates is here for you.

We are honored that you have chosen to entrust us with your health care.