Student recalls chilling details of deadly school bus crash

Student recalls chilling details of deadly school bus crash
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(Source: WALB)
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LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - More details were learned about some of the students involved in that tragic school bus crash Monday that took the life of one Lowndes County student and left others with chilling memories.

Sierra Landaverde, 15, posted to Twitter earlier Tuesday morning about having a rough start to the day.

Later that evening, she woke up in the ER after a semi truck crashed into bus 0908 after school.

"It could happen to any one, any day, to any bus, not just my bus," said Sierra.

19 students were treated at South Georgia Medical Center after a bus carrying 31 students was hit by a semi truck on I-75.

The bus was heavily damaged and Sierra said she is lucky to be alive.

"It just happened so quick, it happened literally so quick I thought it was a dream. I just woke up and it was like a nightmare. I hear like screams and cries and yelling. and when you hear that and you see your bus caved in, its just overwhelming," said Sierra.

Sierra said the support she is receiving from classmates and the community is overwhelming.

"Its makes me want to fight stronger, it really warms my heart to see that the community wants to come together because honestly I think this wreck was another eye opening experience for not only the kids on the bus but the community," said Sierra.

Even surrounding school districts like Valdosta City Schools wanted to let the Lowndes community know they they had their back.

"We just wanted everybody in the community to know that we are one, we support them, we are here for them," said Jennifer Steedly of Valdosta City Schools.

Even if they are rivals on Friday nights, they come together when tragedies happen.

"Yes we may be fierce rivals, on the diamond, on the basketball court, on the grid iron, at the end of the day we only have one common goal and it's to raise the children in this community and educate them to the best of our ability and together we have to do that as one," said Steedly.

"I feel like its opened everybody's eyes and realize that you shouldn't take your life for granted and that you should love your family and hug them a little bit tighter," said Sierra.

Sierra also opened up about her memories of Rebecca Hall, the student who died in the tragic accident.

"I do know that she used to read her bible on the bus a lot," explained Sierra. "She Loved to play soccer, I remember we used to play soccer a lot when we had the free time. She's just a really sweet girl that enjoyed life. She's just a girl that I will never forget."

Sierra is in the ICU for her injuries. She had a broken rib, collapsed lung and a bleeding spleen.

Students in Lowndes County wore white to honor Rebecca.

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