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The process to have a speed device on your Albany street

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A South Albany man is asking the city to put "speed bumps" on his street.
He says his block is near a school, city pool, and daycare.  He says kids are in danger.  

Albany engineering officials call them traffic calming devices.  There are different types used, and the process takes a few steps in order to get one on your street.

Calvin Scott says he has requested Albany city leaders put speed bumps on his street, the 800 block of Cherry Avenue.  Scott says in his one block area , drivers often run the stop signs and speed.
Scott said "When somebody comes through here and they running 60 miles per hour, there is a day care.  And kids run out in the street.  It just needs to have speed bumps because they are not going to change it."

City officials call them traffic calming devices, and say they get lots of requests every year.
To start, you write a written request to engineering, and they do a field study with radar devices checking speeds.
Albany Managing Director of Engineering and Planning Bruce Maples said "We look at it, and if it meets certain criteria we either make a recommendation that it doesn't require traffic calming, or we do make a recommendation that it does meet the criteria for traffic calming."

If you get their recommendation, then you have to get a notarized petition from the home owners on the street requesting the speed devices.  Then the city commission makes the final decision.    

Scott says he believes speeding cars are a continuing issue on his street, and speed devices will save lives..

Scott said "That's too fast right there.  She running fast.  I mean, it's there.  And I hope that t he commissioners will consider putting speed bumps on there. It's needed."

But it's a lengthy process that many people start but few finish.  
Maples said "Our number one preferred method is everybody obey the traffic rules, and we would not be having this conversation."

City engineers say traffic calming devices like speed humps on one street can cause a bigger problem on a neighboring street. They can also slow emergency vehicle response time, so officials have to think about that as well.
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