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Thomas Co. students learn home skills

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Brian Odom (WALB image) Brian Odom (WALB image)
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Washing dishes (WALB image) Washing dishes (WALB image)

The Thomas County School District is taking their special education program to the next level. Over the summer their classroom got a makeover to offer enhanced opportunities for the students. They are holding their first cooking lesson of the year for the special education students.

They returned to school to a brand new classroom with a full kitchen and a washer and dryer; a hands on learning experience teaching basic life skills.

"We're just excited that we have that opportunity to teach kids how to live and be independent using the kitchen and the laundry," said Special Education Teacher, Laura Reid.

The students are excited to learn this year. Some students like Brian Odom are even taking those skills like learning how to do laundry, and using it at home.
Brian says his mom a little bit happier that he knows how to wash clothes. During the cupcake lesson each student had a job to do, and Brian's is washing dishes.

The long term goal of this program is for students to be able to transition from school to a career. They learn the skills needed to obtain and keep a job, all while having a little fun.

"They are going to leave here with a serve safe certification so they will be able to transfer into the community and work in the service industry of some sort or a restaurant. We are going to teach all of those skills needed to go into am employer and say 'I'm ready,'" said Ms. Reid.

The class also has a bathroom, which is used to teach personal hygiene and healthy habits for personal care.

The class is starting a business called 'the Bee Hive,' selling different treats such as cookies and casseroles. That will be up and running within the next few weeks.

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