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Phoebe will offer Grady transportation

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CEO Joel Wernick (WALB image) CEO Joel Wernick (WALB image)
Laura Shearer (WALB image) Laura Shearer (WALB image)

You may see new ambulances on the streets this Sunday.  Phoebe has partnered with Grady Emergency Services in Atlanta to provide the community with what they are calling 'a phenomenal transport system.' 

Phoebe Putney does a number of transports on a daily basis, whether its between facilities, for neo-natal care and even critical care patients. This new partnership will allow them to get the infrastructure they need.

Some of Phoebe's transport vehicles are getting old and parts need to be replaced. Grady will provide new fleet management for the trucks, as well as a new inventory control mechanism. They will also have a new tracking software to see how often emergency services are needed in specific locations, and they will be able to predict future needs.

"One of our challenges is having enough trucks on the road to do as many transports as we needed. So the Grady infrastructure, being able to keep those trucks in good running condition and working order, will allow us to transport more patients," said Laura Shearer, Phoebe Senior VP of Operations.      

"On any given day there may be 25 to 30 very, very small babies receiving very specialized care and on any given day the number of babies there. Over half of them are from outside this county. They are out from people of various parts of the region," said Phoebe President and Chief Executive Officer Joel Wernick.

All current Phoebe EMS employees will keep their jobs. They will go through additional training with Grady.  Phoebe also says with more ambulances, it's a possibility that they will hire even more.

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