Burglar caught in the act at Dawson bank

Burglar caught in the act at Dawson bank
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Ladarian Martin (Source: Terrell Co. Sheriff)
Ladarian Martin (Source: Terrell Co. Sheriff)
Police officers arrived on the scene within minutes of the burglary taking place (Source: WALB)
Police officers arrived on the scene within minutes of the burglary taking place (Source: WALB)

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Dawson Police caught a bank burglary suspect red-handed, with cash in his hands. Quick response from police helped nab the suspect.

The One South Bank branch on Highway 82 in Dawson was broken into at about 5:00 Friday morning.

When the alarm went off, police were there within seconds.

"Well, a good alarm system and the officers response was paramount in them being able to make this arrest," said Colonel Tommy Poupard, Dawson Asst. Police Chief.

Employees at One South Bank waited outside through lunchtime on Friday, as as GBI agents gathered evidence from the early morning burglary at the bank branch.

"The first officer there was probably there within the first 30 seconds to a minute of the alarm call being received. His back-up officer was another 30 seconds behind that," said Col. Poupard.

Authorities say that's when they saw the suspect, Ladarian Martin, who was unarmed.

"One of the first officers to arrive, Captain Wallace Price, was coming from the back of the bank when he saw a male come out of the back door," said Col. Poupard. "We are reviewing the security camera footage now to find out how he gained entry and what he did while he was inside."

When Price got outside, he was immediately apprehended by police.

Dawson Police Chief Charlie Whitehead says that the alarm went off at 5:25 a.m. and an officer arrived two minutes later. He saw Martin coming out of the bank with money in his hands and arrested him on the spot.

Officials say he did not put up a fight, simply saying "I don't want to go to jail."

An undetermined amount of money was taken.

A bank employee said Martin didn't get much money. He was able to grab only one dollar bills and that the money was all retrieved, thanks to the ultra-fast response of the Dawson Police.

"We have officers scattered throughout the town. They are not a lot of us, but they are scattered," said Col. Poupard.

The GBI Sylvester field office crime scene unit is investigating the burglary.

One South Bank was up and operational as soon as the GBI cleared the crime scene Friday afternoon.

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