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Albany neighbors say they are concerned by gang violence

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Albany Police Gang Unit officers Thursday say they are still investigating if a man's murder Tuesday was gang related.
The Dougherty District Attorney says rival gangs are responsible for a series of recent drive by shootings.

They say they are tired of the violence, and they are asking city leaders to step up police patrols to make their streets safe.

Community Organizer Willie Ross spent the morning talking with lots of people in the Carver Pool area, just blocks from where Darrius Keys was shot and killed Tuesday.   Ross said "I can see they are afraid. They are afraid and there is so much going on right here. Right out my front door."
Calvin Scott says he sees what he believes is gang activity on his street often.
 Scott said "At night, oh boy. You don't know. They are in here and out walking sometimes late at night.  You can see it. You just have to be here."

Ross said drug sales and gun violence have people hiding inside their homes.  We talked with county and city commissioners at today's Gang Task Force meeting, who say gang violence hurts everyone.

Dougherty County Commissioner Clinton Johnson said "It affects businesses, it affects economic development. It affects the quality of life in our community."
Albany City Commissioner Jon Howard said "When these bullets leave a gun, the bullet does not discriminate. And a lot of innocent individuals can be hurt."

So the people in the neighborhood are asking city leaders to increase police patrols there.
Scott said "When they start shooting at each other, it's time to really crack down on them."

Ross said "But the Mayor needs to realize and the City Commission need to realize, we need more police protection here in Albany."

Neighborhood leaders stepping forward, hoping to prevent more gang violence.
Willie Ross said he thinks Albany city leaders could help solve gang crime problems by providing more jobs for the young people in his community.  
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