Editorial: Voting to extend SPLOST would give funds to needed upgrades

Editorial: Voting to extend SPLOST would give funds to needed upgrades

We want to encourage everyone in Dougherty County to support and vote to extend our SPLOST 7, this November.

Hopefully by now, everyone knows this continues our successful use of 1% of local sales tax dollars to invest in badly needed community improvements.

We can be proud of the fact that we have approved this special purpose sales tax 6 times, and proud of what those dollars have accomplished in our community.

If passed again, it will raise an estimated $92.5 million. A good list of deserving projects has been developed.

Just a few examples are: $5 million for needed repairs at the courthouse, judicial building and Central Square complex.

$5 million in repairs for roads, and bridges. $4 million for storm drainage improvements. $2.6 million for EMS ambulances, equipment, and station repairs.

Another $1.4 million for upgrades at the 911 communications center. As you can see these are real needs not just wants.

Remember this is an extension of a one penny sales tax you already pay. We are all concerned about taxes, and know this is not a new tax.

You need to know that if you do not vote for SPLOST to take care of these projects, Dougherty County taxpayers will still have to pay, because some of these projects are mandated to be completed.

A very important fact to remember is at least 40% of SPLOST sales tax dollars come from outside county residents and visitors to Dougherty Co., that's a huge benefit to us as local taxpayers.

There will public meetings on this to be announced soon, so please attend them, and get all the facts, on the many positive improvements we can all make together.

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