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Valdosta property tax increased approved

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Valdosta city council members voted unanimously to raise property taxes by 27%.

During the first two meetings last week, some citizens spoke out forcefully against the increase. Many were concerned with just how big an increase it is.

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In the past 22 years, this is just the second increase the city has seen. In fact, the property tax has normally gone down.  

At last week's meeting, a few community members said the city should have slowly increased taxes.

The mayor said they lowered taxes to help the community at the time, but an event like this was a concern among some city council members.

"We've had discussions about that in the past," said Mayor John Gayle. "When we lowered the millage rate, we had folks on our council that voted against that, because they new this day would come. Yes, there's always discussion about that."

Many folks say council members should have slowly implemented an increase instead. 

However, city officials said the increase is necessary to give public service employees raises. 

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