Editorial: What's best for Dawson?

Editorial: What's best for Dawson?

Dawson's Mayor, Christopher Wright made history in his first run for that office.

He unseated a long-standing mayor, and did so while in his twenties, making him one of the youngest mayors in Georgia history.

Now Mayor Wright is making history, but not in a positive way.

Mayor Wright stands accused of having sex with an underage girl, not once, but on multiple occasions.

He most recently was accused of posing as an officer of the law, which he is not.

We are not going to convict a citizen on TV; Christopher Wright will have his day in court, and the citizens of Terrell County will decide what's true.

But what can't be denied is that Wright and his legal troubles are a distraction in Dawson city government right now.

For that reason, he ought to take a leave of absence from that office, and let an interim mayor be appointed to operate the city government.

We urge Mayor Wright to do the right thing.

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