Dogs need forever home after veteran owner passes away

CLINCH CO., GA (WALB) - Neighbors in Clinch County are asking for help to save a dozen dogs whose owner passed away a few months ago.

The owner died in January and neighbors said that this is an urgent situation since the land is set to be cleared soon.

"Their time is running out," said neighbor Rose Bonney.

Twelve dogs without an owner, abandoned on a vacant property in Du Pont.

"We've been trying for almost a year now and no one has offered to take any of these dogs," explained Bonney.

Their owner was a military veteran and passed away from a sickness in January.

Since then two neighbors have stepped up to help the dogs for the time being.

Bonney is one of the two people who checks in on the dogs and feeds them.

"We've gotten donations for food and I bring the food out, and we just make sure they get fed, but that's all we can do for now," said Bonney.

The owner's son lives out of town and wants to clear the land to sell it.

That has Bonney and other neighbors fearful for what might happen to the dogs.

"They are not aggressive, they are just un-socialized and I would hate to see them be put to sleep," explained Bonney.

Bonney has contacted multiple shelters and rescue groups for help, but no one has been able to take the dogs in.

She said that many of them are not neutered and she is constantly finding puppies on the property as well.

"We obviously can't leave them out here because, you know, it's so much woods and it's kind of hard to get them in the first place so we will take them and put them in a safe home," said Bonney.

Bonney said that the saddest part of all of this is that she knows the dogs miss their owner very much, sometimes even waiting at the gate for him to come home.

Neighbors have made a Facebook page to help the dogs, those who are interested in helping or who would like to give a forever home to a dog can visit the Saving the Dupont GA dogs Facebook page.

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