Fans gear up for Winnersville Classic

Fans gear up for Winnersville Classic
Tom Cosby (Source: WALB)
Tom Cosby (Source: WALB)
Jacqueline Hicks (Source: WALB)
Jacqueline Hicks (Source: WALB)
Ben Pack (left) and Jack Fairly (Source: WALB)
Ben Pack (left) and Jack Fairly (Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - It was only hours away from kick off for Friday night football and some fans had already been celebrating all day.

Some people came out to the Winnersville Classic in Valdosta very early Friday morning and others traveled hundreds of miles, all to see the game.

"We got here at 6:30 this morning," said Viking fan Tom Cosby.

Grills were hot, roads were blocked off, and people were filling the parking lots.

People could tell it was game day in south Georgia. This time it wasn't just any game. It was the Winnersville Classic.

"The people that pull for Valdosta, people pull for Lowndes, there's divided houses. It's just a fun atmosphere," explained Cosby.

Some loyalties run deep.

"I graduated from Valdosta High School in 1977 and I've always been a Wildcat fan," said Wildcat fan Jacqueline Hicks.

"I graduated in 1985, played football for Lowndes, my wife graduated from Lowndes, we met at Lowndes, and my daughter goes to Lowndes," said Cosby.

Some people traveled hundreds of miles just to check the game off their bucket list.

"Michigan high school football doesn't start until next weekend so we decided to fly down to Georgia and come to the Winnersville Classic," explained Ben Pack, who is a fan from Michigan.

"And actually we're taking care of one of his bucket list items," said another fan from Michigan, Jack Fairly.

The two flew down from Michigan just to watch the Cats and Vikings face off against each other.

"This is one of the most exciting things I've ever done in my life," Pack.

The atmosphere is much different than they're use to and they said that the excitement just keeps building.

"In Michigan football is a little bit different than high school football here, so this is like awesome," explained Fairly.

"This is the Crème de la Crème of  high school football," said Pack.

The two had been friends for 30 years. They said that it's an experience they've been waiting for and one they certainly won't forget, because nothing beats a football game like the Winnersville Classic.

"I think going inside the stadium and experiencing the atmosphere inside the stadium with the bands and all the fans," explained Pack.

The game was scheduled to kick off at 8 p.m.

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