Parents concerned after skin rash outbreak in Randolph Co. schools

Parents concerned after skin rash outbreak in Randolph Co. schools
Remy Hutchins (Source: WALB)
Remy Hutchins (Source: WALB)

RANDOLPH CO., GA (WALB) - Parents are concerned about a skin rash affecting students in Randolph County schools.

The West Central Health District has confirmed that several school children have one or more small skin lesions.

In a statement, the Health District's epidemiologist said the children were referred by their schools to their doctor.

The epidemiologist is coordinating with the doctors to identify the cause.

One parent has confirmed that her child was diagnosed with impetigo.

The Infectious Disease program manager for the Southwest Health District said the most important thing is prevention.

"Even if they do touch something that may be contaminated, if they are practicing good hand hygiene and washing their hands or using those hand rubs and things like that. Although hand rub is preferred they can help reduce transmission," said Remy Hutchins with the Southwest Health District.

The Randolph County Elementary School principal's office sent out a notice to parents on Wednesday acknowledging a skin rash at the school.

Schools administrators said that there is no consistent diagnosis, but they are taking necessary precautions and ask parents to check their children before sending them to school.

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