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Editorial: Big trucks, little trucks

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A massive truck crash last week illustrates a problem with Albany's new rule on tow truck companies.

The 911 center originally called a smaller wrecker company to tow the big semi that spilled nearly 17 tons of scrap metal on the bypass.

But guess what? That company called didn't have a truck big enough to handle the semi, so then another tow service, A-1 Wrecker, had to be called in to do the job. Taking even more time to clean up the mess that many of you had to sit in traffic and wait on.

Under the new rotation policy passed by commissioners, a larger service like A-1 that has invested in the larger tow trucks, will lose money since companies no longer need to have a larger truck to be on the city's call list.

This should not be seen as an anti-small business move, but why should tow truck services be included in calls that they are not equipped to handle?

"I would love for them to think about it, but they've made a decision. And unless one of them want to change their mind, that would be the only way it's going to get changed back," said A-1 Wrecker Manager Robert Gilliam.

The message seems to be if you step up and invest in making your business better able to handle larger volume or larger scale projects for the city, you will be undercut rather than supported.

And if you spent too much time in traffic the other day, you saw the result.

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