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Frost Street residents concerned by suspected drug and gang activity

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People who live on Frost Street in East Albany tell us they're worried about crime on their street.
They say they see signs of drug and gang activity.

WALB News Ten received a letter from a Frost Street resident, detailing three pages of times and dates of suspicious activity witnessed just last month.  Now they are counting on Albany Police for help.

Janet Watson lives near the entrance to Frost Street, which is a dead end street with no other connections.  She and other neighbors we talked with today note the unusually large amount of traffic in and out.
Watson said "Yea, I'm concerned.  Mostly about these kids walking back and forth to school."

Frost Street is just a block from Turner Elementary School, and kids cut through walking to and from school.  A number of people who live on Frost Street did not want to go on camera, but today told me they suspect drug deals and gang activity on their street.  Albany Police say they are ready to help.
Albany Police Major Russell Barnes said "The main thing is just to call. Because we can't be everywhere all the time.  And if they call when something is going on, or call when they heard something is going to be going on, we'll do our best to be out there at the right time."

Most of the residents say they are scared, afraid of retaliation if they take action.  Police say don't be.
Barnes said "Call us, call us. They don't have to leave their name. Just call us and tell us what's going on."

Most of the Frost Street residents we spoke to said there is no functioning Neighborhood Watch group, just the sign on the street. But they are concerned, and want to feel safe in their homes.
 Watson said "We got some neighbors watch out for one another here. They see anything, they going to call the police."
And Albany Police say that is the best way to make their street safer.

Some of the residents say they have spoken with the gang unit and the drug unit about their concerns.  And now are counting on them to clean up their street.

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