Editorial: Come together to help Baton Rouge flood victims

Editorial: Come together to help Baton Rouge flood victims

It hasn't even been a week since the rains began to fall in south Louisiana.

Now more than 20,000 people have been rescued from the flood waters after up to 30 inches of rain fell in many areas around Baton Rouge.

The images coming from our neighbors to the south are heart-wrenching.

Lives of so many families have been severely interrupted. Homes and businesses have incurred heavy damage. People have lost their lives.

We are so thankful for the first-responders and private citizens who braved the rising waters to save so many.

The firefighters, law enforcement, hospital staffs, the Red Cross, and many others all working together to help.

President Obama officially granted a major disaster declaration request for several parishes on Sunday.

This along with the compelling images of devastation, tell all of us that it will take months possibly years for those affected to pick up all the pieces.

And they need our help. We all remember our history with flooding and how much help we received in South Georgia from our neighboring states.

Now it's time for us to return the favor WALB is working with the American Red Cross to assist in their recovery

If you would like to donate to the South Louisiana Flood Relief, go to this website for more information. Thank you.

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