Sylvester PD looks for flim-flam team

Sylvester PD looks for flim-flam team

Sylvester Police are looking for what they believe is a team of flim-flam artists who defrauded the Sylvester Walmart on July 22, 2016.

Four people, two male and two female, seem to be involved.

Two men went to the service desk at Walmart to buy an iPad, and as they were buying it, the men distracted the cashier, and got $450, but not the tablet.

A woman was involved in returning an iPad with a Valdosta Walmart receipt, and received a refund. She was seen leaving the store with the two men.

If you can help Sylvester Police solve these crimes, call Lieutenant Tracy Jones, Sergeant Doug Brooks, or Lt. Ken Washington at 229-776-8500.

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