Editorial: Albany children's fundraising inspire community

Editorial: Albany children's fundraising inspire community

WALB wants to salute a few Albany families who gave us all a living example of what it means to "Love your Neighbor" after an unspeakable tragedy in their neighborhood.

The Doublegate families who organized the Lemonade Stand has raised $18,000 so far, and counting.

It was a simple idea dreamed up by their children.

Many of the children witnessed the house fire on their street, and they were struggling, like all of us, to understand how a grandmother could harm her grandchildren.

WALB News Ten's Melissa Hodges was volunteering with her family, and interviewed the little girls who thought up the Lemonade Stand.

This was a shining moment for Albany, a ray of hope in a dark hour.

People from across the community came out to sip some lemonade together, view the memorial, and make a donation.

Even the only survivor of the attack and fire, a 10-year-old boy, quietly stopped by the Lemonade Stand.

The children's idea to help another child, their neighbor, has inspired us all and we thank them.

And, our prayers remain with the families struggling to understand the loss of their two young children in this horrific crime.

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