Dougherty Co.  checks pond levels

Dougherty Co.  checks pond levels

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - With heavy rains in the forecast this week, Dougherty County public works has been closely watching pond levels around the county.

Public Works officials say they are checking levels daily, especially the ponds off Ramsey Road in east Dougherty County. They have five large six inch pumps checked and ready to go if there is any change.

Right now the pond levels are low, but continuous rain can change them quickly.

"Of course we are still in a drought situation, even though we are getting this rain. So we're blessed to have a low level right now, where we don't have to go out and actually lower some of the levels," said Chuck Mathis, Dougherty Co. Public Works Asst. Director.

The county has improved their infrastructure of pumps and drainage systems of many ponds, using those big pumps to draw down ponds in case of overrun.

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