Victim identified in Fitzgerald robbery homicide

Victim identified in Fitzgerald robbery homicide

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) - After a day and night on the scene of a murder, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation identified the Fitzgerald man who was killed Tuesday in an armed robbery that turned into a homicide.

The GBI said that Narendrakumar J. Patel, 32, was shot to death in the Global Meat Market.

It happened around 4:30 in the afternoon in the 700 block of Merrimac Drive.

Fitzgerald Police and the GBI arrived on scene Tuesday afternoon and said that Narendrakumar was shot inside the store during an armed robbery.

Narendrakumar's cousin, Suresh Patel, came to Fitzgerald early Wednesday morning to join his family as they mourned the loss of Narendrakumar.

"He told me he said something happened at the store. And when he came to the store he saw him totally dead," said Suresh.

Global Meat Market was owned by Narendrakumar and his cousin Bhavik.

"We were like brothers, we were more than brothers," explained Bhavik.

Bhavic also said that Narendrakumar especially loved 6-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son.

"I was just talking with him this morning. He just said 'Where is my dad, where did he go to?' He went to store, and we had to give him a little sympathy and say 'Yes he's at the store,'" said Suresh.

"Good good person, he said 'I love my parents I love everybody,'" explained Narendrakumar's uncle, Natvarbhai Patel.

Margaret Duncan lives less than a half mile up the road. She said she would go in some days to buy lottery tickets, and other days just to get change.

"I thought they were just real nice people and both my sons go there and they thought they were really nice people and both of them were really upset about it," said Duncan. "He was sort of quiet. He wasn't as talkative as the other one was but they were just real nice people. It was a real shocker to me. It really was."

Family members want whoever did this to be brought to justice.

"I mean we are feeling sad because those are hard-working people you know," said Suresh. "If we don't stop this it's going to keep happening over and over."

The investigation is still ongoing.

The GBI is asking for anyone with information on the investigation or who may have seen any suspicious activity in the area of the Global Meat Market to contact the GBI at (478) 987-4545 or the Fitzgerald Police Department at (229) 426-5000.

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