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Norman Park murder trial: Day 2 inside the courtroom

Tykerious Jones testified (Source:WALB) Tykerious Jones testified (Source:WALB)
Investigators also took the stand (Source:WALB) Investigators also took the stand (Source:WALB)
Data extracted from Glover's phone was presented (Source:WALB) Data extracted from Glover's phone was presented (Source:WALB)
Lisa Maxwell, Forensic Investigator (Source:WALB) Lisa Maxwell, Forensic Investigator (Source:WALB)

A teenager accused of being present during the robbery and killing of a Norman Park man last summer, testified against the lone suspect facing murder charges in the same crime.

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John Hester Senior was shot to death last July. Now, Christian Glover, 19, is facing nine charges, including murder.

The second day of the trial started off with digital forensic experts and investigators taking the stand. 

The prosecution highlighted data extracted from Glover's phone, including texts, calls and online searches. 

Records show Glover searched about guns and how to prepare for criminal interrogations in the days and weeks after Hester was shot. 

He also sent texts to his girlfriend, who is saved in his contact as "Pretty Girl" about being restless. 

"What are you thinking about? Message to Pretty Girl: my life. Message from Pretty Girl: What about it," described Forensic Investigator Lisa Maxwell.

Tykerious "Grump" Jones, 18, also testified on Tuesday. Jones was present during the shooting of the night in question.

Jones remained calm and quiet during the trial, even being told to speak up. 

Prosecutors had Jones describe what he saw the night John Hester Sr. was killed. Jones recalled Glover saying he had fired shots from his gun. 

"Did you recall of anything that Mr. Glover said about shooting anybody," asked Assistant District Attorney Brad Shealy.

"He just said, 'I think I shot him,'" said Jones.

The defense highlighted conflicting statements given to authorities by Jones, and painted Christian Glover as an outsider to the group of people he was with on the night Hester was shot. 

Jones was one of the first to testify, but he is among five others who have entered guilty pleas to burglary and attempted home invasion in exchange for their testimony in court about the night Hester was killed.

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