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Norman Park murder trial: Day 1

The trial began Monday (Source:WALB) The trial began Monday (Source:WALB)
Christian Glover faces 9 separate charges (Source:WALB) Christian Glover faces 9 separate charges (Source:WALB)
Karla Walker, defense attorney (Source:WALB) Karla Walker, defense attorney (Source:WALB)
Brad Shealy, Assistant District Attorney (Source:WALB) Brad Shealy, Assistant District Attorney (Source:WALB)

The trial began Monday for a teenager accused of shooting and killing a Norman Park man outside his home in July 2015. 

Christian Glover is the lone defendant facing nine charges including the murder of 68-year-old John Hester Sr. 

Monday both the state and defense made opening statements. 

Prosecutors laid out the events of a burglary that happened before gunshots were fired at the Hester residence and says evidence from that shows Glover shot Hester. 

"Boom, Boom, boom. During that time, as we're going back, evidence will show based upon the testimony of all those there that Christian Glover took the black handgun then he fired," Assistant District Attorney Brad Shealy said.

The defense said in its opening statement that there was little hard evidence like finger prints or surveillance video and there were conflicting accounts of the events in question. 

John Hester's wife of nearly 50 years, Merle, was the first called to testify by the state. The 911 call she made the night Hester was shot was played to courtroom. 

"The evidence will also show that all parties had guns in their possession, the evidence will show those guns were loaded, the evidence will show that there was more than one person present who actually had a handgun present at that crime," said defense attorney Karla Walker.

The judge presiding over the trial noted that it may be an emotional one in his instruction. He said the trial may last several days.

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