Albany group prepares kids for class, helps adults register to vote

Albany group prepares kids for class, helps adults register to vote
Children and parents attended the event (Source:WALB)
The group offered free food (Source:WALB)
The group offered free food (Source:WALB)
Miss Monique, Program Director (Source:WALB)
Miss Monique, Program Director (Source:WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany group is helping students with some last-minute school supply needs.

The group gave away loose leaf paper, but also helped adults get one step closer to becoming registered voters.

Students spent the afternoon celebrating that school is back in session.

And, if they didn't have all the gear they needed, iHeart Albany made sure that kids walked away with their bags full.

"The community. It's all about the community. This is our community as well," said radio personality Mojo.

The group passed out essentials like paper and binders, and students were also able to get a haircut and learn about CPR.

But, the event wasn't just for children, organizers used the opportunity to reach parents and other adults, to make sure they're registered to vote.

"Why not vote. The thing is that you'll do a whole lot of complaining after the fact, but you didn't go vote," explained Program Director Miss Monique. "So, we're giving you the opportunity to come by."

Organizers said that registration forms will also be available at their office on Westover Boulevard throughout the week.

They said it's important people get signed up before the October 11 deadline. So, they're making an early push.

"Every voice needs to be heard," said Mojo. "So, if you're not registered come get your voter registration form and we'll get it back to the voter registration office for you."

The group has hosted the event for two years now, but organizers said that as the country gets set to select a new president, it's especially important for people to act upon their right to vote.

The General Election will be on November 8.

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