Long school bus rides cause concern for students' parents

Long school bus rides cause concern for students' parents
Robert Adams
Robert Adams

MITCHELL CO., GA (WALB) - Just three days into the school year and parents of Mitchell county students are concerned about their kids getting home a few hours late from school.

"You make all sorts of plans, but you never know until it's actually in practice," said Superintendent Robert Adams. "And then we have to adjust off that until we get it right where it's supposed to be"

Adams has been the Mitchell County School Superintendent for 20 days now, but it only took about two days for him to realize improvements needed to be made.

"We really want everybody to have at the most, because we're a big county and a long county, an hour bus ride," explained Adams. "Some of them had a two hour, two hour and a half bus ride."

Adams said that delays on the first day of school were because of students' unfamiliarity with new bus routes, and a broken down bus. And that they sent an alert out to let parents know about the delay.

"Safety is paramount. So we really want to make sure we get them on the right bus," said Adams. "We take our time, make sure we get everybody where they're supposed to be. So that kind of held us up."

And on Tuesday, Adams said that heavy rain caused some issues with getting students home in a timely manner. He said he's already gotten several calls from concerned parents.

"Probably yesterday, four or five maybe," explained Adams. "The first day, particularly after we sent the message out, I probably did have 40 phone calls."

But he assures parents this is not a common occurrence.

SOT Robert Adams

"Really not acceptable, but in the first few days, until we get everybody on the right bus and the right place, it takes a little bit longer than we want," said Adams.

Adams has asked for patience as they work to straighten out the kinks.

Adams said that they are working to determine if they need to add more buses to the mix in order to make each student's bus ride no longer than an hour.

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