Future of diving on display in Moultrie

Future of diving on display in Moultrie

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - With all the talk of the economic impact the USA Diving National Championships will bring to Moultrie over the next two weeks, it can be forgotten that it's still an actual competition.

It's a fierce one at that.

These are some of the premier young divers in the country, and they will go all out to leave south Georgia with a championship.

Over 600 divers are in south Georgia to make their case as the best in the country.

"They are unbelievable athletes. To see kids throw themselves off the side of a three story building is pretty cool too," laughs USA Diving vice president Terry Powers. "These kids have put in hundreds and hundreds of hours of work to get to this point. To see these best athletes in the country, and to see them here is exciting for all of us."

These are the kids that will soon be competing for NCAA, national, and Olympic titles. For now, they're just kids who are putting on a show in south Georgia.

Every year, the competition steps up as the divers plunge their way to titles.

USA Diving officials tell me they expect this year's championships to be some of the best yet, with the Rio Games serving as motivation for some possible future Olympians.

"This being an Olympic year, it's even more competitive because these kids really want to be that Olympian. They want to be just like the Olympians they'll see on TV for the next few weeks," Powers says. "From kids ages 11 and below, all the way up to adult divers, these are the kids you're going to be seeing for hopefully the next four, eight, and hopefully 12 years."

The USA Diving National Championships continue through August 14 at Moss Farms Aquatic Center in Moultrie.