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Farmers hope for the right amount of rain

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We have had some scattered rain the past few days here in South Georgia, but the rain may have come too late for some farmers. Some peanut farmers in Early County are concerned about this year's growth.

It's been a tough year for peanut farmers in southwest Georgia. "When you've got sun and wind and no rain it's hard to get these crops up sometimes," said Mike Newberry.

The lack of rain in May and June put a damper on some farms, but Newberry has been able to push through mother nature. "We had to water really heavily but we haven't really gotten behind."

Newberry farms peanuts and cotton in Arlington; all-irrigated farm. He says thanks to irrigation and a few pockets of rain over his land, the peanuts and cotton are looking alright. "Every time we were about to get a little behind we would get a little shower just like we have done in the last few days."

Newberry knows he was one of the lucky ones. "We have watched the radars, the thunderstorms split way too many times in the last few months but it was just enough to keep us surviving. It certainly hasn't been that way and several of the other counties."

As for now, he's hoping it stays dry. "We would like a rainfall late in the day and good sun. The next day we don't like these cloudy humid days like were looking at today."

If the plants get too wet, that's when the diseases come. And when they're chasing thunderstorms like these it's hard to get his other work done. "I kind of want to combine corn today I don't wanted to rain today. If it rains I want it to be later on," he said.

At the end of the day, he has to always be mindful of all his crops. "I'm more concerned about in the next months how those cotton fields are going to be than these peanut fields because these peanut feels will do okay."

He has been able to keep the crop on schedule so far. He wants less rain, but those farmers behind schedule might not.

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