Dawson mayor cited for impersonating an officer

Dawson mayor cited for impersonating an officer

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Dawson's Mayor, indicted on child sex charges, is now cited with impersonating a police officer.

According to the investigation report obtained in an open records request, Christopher Wright was pulled over by an Albany Police Officer on July 16th, after complaints he flashed a blue light at another driver.

The driver pulled over and says that Wright cut the blue lights off, and then Wright drove by him pointing his fingers like "he was pointing a gun at him".

In the report, Wright denied flashing the lights to two separate officers, but a search of the vehicle found a bag of operational blue lights.

Wright then "advised another person had just driven the vehicle to get it washed."

However, officers "observed bugs all over the front of the truck."

Wright is cited with impersonating a police officer, blue lights prohibited and aggressive driving, all misdemeanor charges.

Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards said that the case resides in Municipal Court, and he will review any new facts in the case.

According to Georgia Code, a charge of felony impersonating an officer falls under false statement of a crime, and requires that a person hold oneself out as a peace officer with the intent to mislead another.

A felony charge carries a 1-5 year jail sentence.

It is not clear if flashing blue lights falls under the stricter felony guidelines.

It is unknown how Wright got the blue lights, or if he is the owner of the red Dodge Ram he was driving.

Wright was indicted on child molestation charges in June.

Those charges came after he was implicated in a child molestation trial earlier this year.

Wright remains the mayor of Dawson.

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