Mixed reactions to wrecker policy decision

Mixed reactions to wrecker policy decision
Not everyone is happy about the wrecker police decision that was made at Tuesday's commission meeting. (Source: WALB)
Jack Futrill (Source: WALB)
Jack Futrill (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany business owner said that he's been playing by the rules, and he's upset over what he said is a "surprise" change that hurts his wrecker company.

Jack Futrill said he saved for a year to buy this Class A wrecker for more than $100,000.

He said that he pays around $800 a month for insurance and other costs.

Futrill said he had to buy the truck to get on the city's towing list rotation to be dispatched to wrecks.

"We have used it twice in over two years, that's not averaging two loads a year. But, you must have it, when I come aboard. The two (companies) before me didn't have to, or the two after me, by the way. So it's pretty hard to stomach with that," said Futrill.

On Tuesday night, city commissioners voted to implement a two-tier system, allowing companies without heavy duty equipment on the list to handle normal tows.

And some were pleased with the commission's decision.

Futrill said that he will now sell the large wrecker, but he'll take a loss and he doesn't understand why commissioners reversed their preliminary vote.

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