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Safety is always number one for school bus drivers

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We're just about a week away from the start of school for many of our districts, but teachers and students aren't the only ones preparing to return.

The Dougherty County school system is holding school bus training for drivers and monitors.

Backing up, turning, and stopping, may seem simple in a small car, but for a big yellow bus it's not so easy.

Dougherty County drivers are excited for the upcoming year. The school system wants to make sure there are 120 bus drivers get students to school safe.

McArthur Rogers has been driving kids to school for 10 years, and each year he's attended training with the other bus drivers. "I enjoy the interaction with the kids and the school programs and different things. It just gives me something to do during the day."

The second part of the training is all about safety, because at the end of the day the most important thing they tell me is making sure the kids get home safe.

"Everything we do is to make sure that we get the kids home safely ever day and stay out of accidents and I think we do a good job with that in Dougherty County," said Rogers.

These buses have something wrong with them, Supervisor James Cowart will watch as the drivers inspect the buses to find the problems.  "No buses leave the yard with any mechanical problems. A mechanical problem is a set up for an accident," Cowart said.

"We had the right headlight out; we had the left signal light out," said Rogers.

Last year there were at least six school bus accidents in southwest Georgia, and Dougherty County wants to make sure everyone stays safe.

"Our goal is to have no accidents this year. We have to make sure everyone is safe. We haven't had any fatalities in the state of Georgia in the past two years and we want to keep that up," said Cowart.

If you want to look at your child's schedule for the coming year, you can download the mystop app or go through the transportation office.

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