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D.A. promises long prison terms for 'outrageous conduct'

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The Dougherty District Attorney warns  he will seek the stiffest sentences possible for recent Albany gun violence.

Police say two shootings last week threatened the safety of several people across Albany. They urge people to put their guns down, threatening long prison sentences for those involved in these shootings.

Dougherty's District Attorney says gun violence seen in Albany last week has gone too far.  Police arrested three people for firing multiple shots from a moving car while chasing a victim across miles of the city. And the fight was over a Facebook post.

Dougherty D.A. Greg Edwards said, "Social media.  And putting everybody in a community in danger with gunshots, with high speed travel down the streets.   It's ludicrous."

Late Tuesday night at least five East Albany apartments were hit by bullets. Fifteen people were inside, but no one was hit.   Edwards said this shooting was gang related.  "What I am informed, there are some gang related instances that brought about these circumstances."

Police were back investigating at South Slappey and West Gordon Avenue today, where the Facebook shooting started.  Police say the gun violence has gone beyond limits. Albany Police Lt. Keithen Hall said "Please, please put these guns down." 

Investigators say they have persons of interest in the apartment shootings.  Two more people are being sought for the Facebook shooting spree. Officials are asking the public for information to stop this violence.

Edwards said, "Help us help protect everybody.  When these individuals start shooting up everybody, the bullets don't have any name on it.  It's not going to forgive you just because you don't want to get involved."

Edwards promises to seek the stiffest prison sentence possible for convictions in these shootings.

Edwards said if convicted of aggravated assault, the shooters could be sentenced to 20 years in prison per count, and each bullet fired is one count.

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