Albany native among three arrested for terror plot

Albany native among three arrested for terror plot
(FBI graphic)
(FBI graphic)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The FBI arrested three men, including an Albany native, and charged them with plotting to go to Syria, to be trained to carry out terror attacks in the United States.

The Miami Field Office of the FBI brought the charges against Gregory Hubbard, a 52 year old Albany native, Dayne Antani Christian, and Darren Arness Jackson.

A confidential informant reported the activities of the men to the FBI.

In a 20 - page affidavit, the government lays out the case against the men, and made audio recording of the plot to carry out jihad on behalf of ISIS.

Hubbard, also known as Jibreel, lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. A year ago, he told the FBI's informant that he was in touch with ISIS in Syria.

The FBI says that Hubbard went with the other men to a Florida shooting range, where they said others there were 'training to kill Muslims.'

Hubbard and Christian referred to jihad as 'the soccer team,' and the AK-47 as 'the Bible.'  Also that the world was either with ISIS or against it, and the best way to deal with an enemy is to 'cut his head off.'

Hubbard said he planned to take people with him from America to train with ISIS. Also, an attack of the Pentagon and the Whitehouse 'would be a glorious day for the movement.'

In March, Hubbard told the informant that, when he does something, he does it big, and wanted to leave the United States to join the lslamic State soon, 'to play soccer.'

He planned to put his personal belongings in storage in Georgia, from a unit in West Palm Beach, in a U-Haul truck. In late May, Hubbard put his property into a Budget Rental truck, bound for Albany. Two days later, he put the items into an Albany storage unit.

In June, Hubbard booked a round-trip flight from Miami to Berlin, Germany, and then sold his van. He also booked a hotel room in Berlin.

On June 26, he picked up an AK-47 from Christian in Lake Park, Florida.

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On or about July 21, Hubbard, Darren Arness Jackson, and the informant went to Miami International Airport to fly to Germany.  Hubbard was arrested when he cleared the TSA checkpoint, and Jackson was arrested leaving the airport. Dayne Antani Christian was arrested at his job.

All three men are in federal custody.

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