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Citizens are 'backing the blue'

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Law enforcement offices across South Georgia are seeing warm outpouring of support from their communities, following multiple police officer targeted shootings.

Lee County deputies are enjoying goodies,  homemade treat bags, even a sign that reads "We Love Our Police Officers. High Fives from Us!" They have photos with citizens who have just stopped by to show their support for the men in blue.

Sheriff Reggie Rachals said, "I think it's great. It lifts your spirits up.  I am more afraid now than I have been in the 34 years that I've been in law enforcement."

The flag outside the Sheriff's Department still at half-staff,  and will remain so until the latest officer killed in the line of duty is laid to rest.

 "Whether they are in Baton Rogue, California, New York, or as far away as Washington, we are all brothers, we are all sisters in the law enforcement world, trying to do what we've got to do in the law enforcement world," said Rachals.

And how they are doing things, even at the small Leesburg Police Department,  is changing. "I've been doing this stuff since 1982, and this, the last few years, have been pretty bad for our guys, and that's why I worry about the safety of our officers," said Leesburg Police Chief Charlie Moore.

Leesburg officers are donning bullet proof vests now,  and they always travel in pairs to potentially dangerous calls.

Chief Moore says the changes are permanent. "When you have people signaling out police officers just to make a name for themselves, or something, that's wrong. But it's also wrong for law enforcement officers not to treat people like they need to be treated."

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